Gelber’s Fall 2017 Recruiting Schedule


Interested in Gelber Group?  Gelber visits a variety of schools across the country looking for new talent for their internship and new hire programs.  Check the schedule below and stop by! If your school is not on the list below, don’t be worried. We still accept applications and hire students from a variety of schools. We encourage you to apply!

Notre Dame
Fall Career Expo on September 6th from 4pm-8pm EST

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Fall 2017 Engineering Employment Expo from 12PM-6pm CST on September 13th

Williams College
Fall Career Fair from 11-3PM CST on September 22nd

Northwestern University
Fall Career Fair from 12-4PM CST on September 26th

University of Chicago
Fall Career Fair on September 27th 12-4PM