Gelber Group helps YWCA win All State Foundation Purple Purse Challenge

YWCA Pic 2

With an hour left in the Purple Purse Challenge, a longtime Gelber Group Trader emailed CFO, Frank Gelber, asking for help to raise money for the YWCA Evanston/Lakeshore.  The YWCA was neck and neck with Wings Program Inc. so Frank Gelber sent an all employee email, offering to donate $5,000 if Gelber employees could raise $5,000.  Within the hour, Gelber Group employees hit their $5,000 target and the Gelber Foundation generously matched the contribution.  Brian Gelber, CEO, also personally matched and with some other donations Gelber Group raised over $20,000 total in only an hour.  YWCA won by raising $311,407, only 30,000 more than the 2nd place, which led to the  grand prize of 100,000 donated by All State Foundation.

It is amazing to see our young talented traders grow into generous people that not only want to support critical societal issues but also each other.  Thanks to everyone who contributed!

More about the YWCA

Donations go to supporting a 24-hour, 365 day crisis hotline and provide safe rooms in their shelter for women and children to stay, food, transportation vouchers for medical appointment, jobs and education.  They also provide legal assistance so that women don’t have to be intimidated to apply for court ordered protection alone.

As a result of their latest campaign, calls to their 24-hour domestic violence crisis hotline and requests for emergency shelter have increased dramatically.  This shows women are starting to understand these issues and believe they deserve better.