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UPDATE: Gelber’s Employees raised 5,411.854 to support Ross and the Pat Tillman Foundation. After the Gelber Foundation’s match, together we raised $8,117.76!

At Gelber, supporting employees is at the cornerstone of our culture and that support does not stop with professional growth. Ross Ritchell, a new(ish) FX trader who has quickly become an exemplary part of the Gelber community, is running the Chicago marathon October 9th to support the Pat Tillman Foundation. The Gelber Foundation has decided to match 50% of all Gelber Group donations to the Foundation up to $2,000. Please use the link below to support this cause.

According to the Foundation website, the Pat Tillman Foundation “invest in military veterans and their spouses through academic scholarships”. Ross asked Gelber to sponsor him because this is ” a cause I believe in, and support deeply. Pat was instrumental in my choice to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment and I’ve found myself holding myself to his perceived standards… I ended up serving in Ranger Regiment, going to war in the Middle East, graduating with honors from two university degree programs, writing a novel, marrying my best friend and having two children and two dogs. It’s hard for me to know any of it would’ve happened without Pat, because all of it started with wanting to serve in the same unit as him. I got the tan beret he wore, because of him, and made my own life afterwards.”

Gelber Foundation’s Matching Program
This isn’t the only time to Gelber supports their employees causes. Every December the Gelber Foundation matches employee donations of up to $2,000 to the organizations they support. As always, this year was a success, raising $205,780! In 2014 Gelber Foundation and Gelber employees also donated a total of $138,000. Over the last few years Gelber has raised well over $1.7 million. Thank you to all the employees who donated!