Chicago: Home Sweet Home

The search for a your first real job or a summer internship is on!  Students have their sights on a big city: Boston, San Francisco, New York, D.C.  Is Chicago on your list?

It should be.  Chicago’s perks extend far beyond its diverse business opportunities.

Quality of life in Chicago is a big draw. Housing is extremely accessible and economically reasonable compared to the pricey NYC, D.C. and Boston.

In addition, Chicago’s laid back but driven culture will give you a meaningful experience in and out of the office, allowing you to work and play hard all summer long.  You will connect with ambitious young professionals from Northwestern, UChicago and the Big Ten.  

Whether you want to party in the clubs, attend street festivals, lollapalooza, watch the game at a bar, take improv classes, play canjam at the beach, tour the museums, eat amazing food and oh wait have a great career, Chicago is your city.  Come explore with Gelber Group!