Internship 2014 Wrap-Up

Summer time in Chicago has come and gone and so has our internship program of 2014.

We were pleased to welcome 25 interns this past summer from top tier colleges and universities across the country. We had interns come from as far west as University of California-Berkley and Stanford University, as far east as Williams College and Yale University, and of course, some local favorites, Northwestern University and University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. “Not only is it an unprecedented experience to be able to trade live in the markets, but it’s also been a fun atmosphere with a lot of talented people.” – Peter, Northwestern 15′

In school, their academic interests were just as diverse as the places each of them called home. They pursued studies in majors as technical as mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering and as theoretical as political science and economics. This was apparent in the trading products and asset classes that each intern was drawn towards and the trading styles exhibited.

In addition to weathering the challenges that come with trading real money, our interns had a chance to demonstrate their talents in individual projects based on their interests and skill sets. Two interns worked directly with members of our algorithmic trading team using machine learning techniques to optimize order execution logic.  Another was assigned to the macro-trading group, investigating the long-term effects of the upcoming U.S. Senatorial seat distribution and elections.

The Gelber internship is as much about working smart and learning by experience as it is bonding and growing with other interns. Among some of these bonding activities include a poker tournament, World Cup watching sessions, and the annual Slacker Olympics, where groups of interns threw down in ping-pong, challenged each other in Sporcle quizzes, and rushed to retrieve coffee in order to become the Slacker Champions of 2014.

Overall, it was a successful, eventful and not-slacker-like summer for interns, traders, and managers alike. We wish all our interns well in their next year of academic and intellectual pursuits. In the meantime, we will be gearing up for another recruiting season, scouring the country for the very best talent. As always, the markets are changing and our young talent always keeps us in front of the game.