Gelber Trader Wins 6 Jeopardy! Episodes

Alex Jacob, a former professional poker player turned Gelber trader, made waves on Jeopardy! last week.  Jacob’s savvy play showed not just his incredible knowledge base but also his aptitude for strategy, bringing a unique style to a game that most think of as a straightforward question-and-answer affair.  Eschewing the typical practice of choosing clues in order from top to bottom, Jacob focused on finding the Daily Doubles, either going all-in (in an effort to apply pressure by getting out to a big lead) or wagering almost nothing (to minimize his risk while taking the opportunity away from his opponents). He controlled the pace of the game to his advantage, usually playing at breakneck speed, while later slowing down considerably to lessen the chances of a last-minute comeback.  Between his dramatic pauses before seemingly pulling the correct answer out of thin air, and his trademark “Let’s bet it all” accompanied by a wave of the hand, Alex provided many memorable moments for the viewing audience, and whether you loved him or hated him, he certainly brought a new exciting edge to the game.  After racking up six wins and $149,802 in winnings, Jacob finally lost on Monday’s show. Gelber Group will miss our afternoon snack and Jeopardy! time but we couldn’t be prouder of his performance.  Congrats Alex and we can’t wait to watch you on Tournament of Champions!

If you didn’t watch the show below are some highlights: