Gelber Group: Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted (video)

Challenge Accepted! Gelber Group is bringing awareness not just to ALS but to the many Neurological Disorders that have rapidly become a significant and growing problem. Thank you Brian, Frank, Justin and Pat for letting all our new hires dump freezing cold water on your head. Always fun to ice the bosses for a good cause.

But we are not done yet. Gelber would like to donate $100 for each Gelber Group employee that has or does participate in the ice bucket challenge. Not only that, but the bosses have decided to make additional donations to other great causes. Pat Coffey will be donating to Doctors without Borders for anyone in his technology department that takes on the challenge, Frank Gelber to Hands of Peace for participation in his administrative staff, Brian Gelber to Lifetract for anyone in the firm, and Justin Foley to the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund for any of the traders who accept the challenge. Please help us bring awareness to these wonderful causes.

Watch them get Cold!