About Gelber Group

The Gelber Factor

Our business model

Gelber trades across major asset classes using proprietary resources, assuming all of the associated risks and rewards. This differentiates our business model from brokers, hedge funds, or banks and allows us to provide high levels of compensation to our staff.

Leadership in action

For more than 30 successful years, Gelber Group’s ability to adapt and grow stems from the firm’s deep understanding of the global marketplace but also our principals’ investment of their time and energy in mentoring the next generation of market participants. At Gelber, our traders learn first-hand from the best in the business including our CEO, Brian Gelber who works personally with our rising talent to develop their full potential.

Featured in Jack Schwager’s national best-seller, Market Wizards, Brian has not only achieved recognition as one of the most successful traders of his time, but  has also leveraged that success to create one of the industry’s most enduring trading firms.

Gelber Group philosophy

At Gelber, we place a high premium on our culture, which is built on the idea that teamwork, innovation, and creative freedom are essential in today’s technology-driven marketplace. Our flat organizational structure and informal atmosphere allow employees to research and develop their own ideas while our team approach provides a platform to transform ideas into high-powered results. The cornerstone of our continued success is attracting people who thrive in this dynamic and exciting workplace.


A history of continuous success in a changing marketplace

Brian and Frank Gelber founded Gelber Group as a brokerage firm on the Chicago Board of Trade floor in 1982.  Fifteen years later, their entrepreneurial grit and ingenuity led them to leave the floor, embrace the “screen,” and launch Gelber Group as a proprietary trading firm.  Recognizing the potential of technology driven markets, Gelber forged new ground in the algorithmic environment turning it into one of the leading businesses of its kind.

gelber group brian frank

Throughout its history, the firm has continuously evolved in meaningful ways and now employs more than 200 team members headquartered in the firm’s 42,000 square foot “home” in downtown Chicago.  Despite the firms’ willingness to embrace and capitalize on change, one thing has remained constant: Gelber Group’s ability to anticipate what’s coming next and to excel within an increasingly dynamic marketplace.


We, at the Gelber Group, believe that trading is a process. In order to balance a highly competitive environment, we have developed a strong support system of leaders and mentors who are guided by a passion for trading but also personal and professional development. We want talented individuals to take the time to grow and develop a sustained, balanced, and healthy career.


Therefore, at Gelber, we encourage experienced traders to express creative freedom and release their entrepreneurial spirit so they may launch their own path within the company. At Gelber, we facilitate a collaborative environment so that success may breed success.

This philosophy is reflected in our office site. Our global operations headquarters at 350 North Orleans Street enables more collaborative, innovative thinking with a physically open environment.

The collaboration and camaraderie at Gelber Group is evident in and out of the office. We work together and play together -whether that is on recreational sports teams, organized company outings, or community service initiatives. Our flexible work schedules provide opportunities not only to advance your professional career, but also to enrich your personal life. In the end, you are a part of a family – the Gelber family.