Passion for Trading

“Trading is just as much about the art as it is the science.
We know the science but we’re masters of the art”

-Justin Foley, Co-President

At Gelber, we’re defined by our ability to adapt within a changing marketplace. Our business’ ability to embrace bold ideas and cultivate smart risk taking fuels success. This all starts at the top with President and CEO, Brian Gelber. Personally committed to the success of each trader, he teaches them how to balance traditional principles with creative freedom, and gives them opportunities to apply those principles every day.

With the proven expertise of our seasoned traders and command of our technology, Gelber’s diverse strategies equip us with a consistent and reliable edge in the changing financial markets.  As an experienced trader you have the freedom to take control of your career by building your business.

Algorithmic Trading

Gelber’s algorithmic trading strategies (ATS) seek predictable and repeatable behavior in the financial markets and formalize logic to capitalize on such behavior. Our unique approach to algorithmic trading places focus on strategic partnerships where researchers, engineers and traders collaborate to develop and optimize strategies together. We nurture individual growth by tearing down traditional role barriers and encourage participation at every stage of strategy development. As with discretionary trading, our algorithmic trading business is composed of a diverse set of trading styles and we participate in a wide range of asset classes. We favor latency-insensitive strategies with greater focus on understanding and taking risk. Our proprietary technology infrastructure provides excellent access to the electronic markets and myriad tools to ease the development of algorithmic trading strategies, enabling us to bring ideas to market quickly and reliably.

Watch our video now to learn more about ATS at Gelber from our Co-President, Carl Mahler.

After graduating from MIT in 2004 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Carl Mahler immediately joined Gelber Group. Today, Carl leads a team of 25 software engineers, traders, and researchers. He oversees all aspects of Gelber’s algorithmic trading business, from idea conception and research to implementation, deployment, and operation. Carl’s trading group now leads the firm in consistency and capital efficiency.